Spinning Babies and Rebozo Workshop

July 22 and/or 23, 2016

Location: Frontline Church
1104 N. Robinson OKC, OK 73103

frontline church okc

This 2 day event is a can’t miss!

Tammy Ryan will be teaching the Spinning Babies workshop on Friday, July 22 and

Gena Kirby will be teaching the Rebozo workshop on Saturday, July 23.

Register for both trainings and save money!

What you gain from Tammy – Friday, July 22nd 

      CT SpB 7           27w


*A new way of seeing labor preparation and progress for the experienced provider

*Exploration of the role of “Soft Tissues” in pregnancy, labor, and fetal position (muscles, ligaments, connective tissue)

*Common effects of posterior position on pregnancy and labor

*A new view of Fetal Positioning includes the 3 Principles of Balance, Gravity and Movement

*Labor progress through the Three Levels Of The Pelvis; pelvic mobility and soft tissues release.

*Practice activities for pregnancy comfort, spontaneous birth as nature intended, and cesarean avoidance.

*Helping a breech baby turn head down is not a formal part of the workshop.

*Identifying a stall in labor via labor pattern and being able to match a technique accordingly

This 7-hour workshop introduces you into the Spinning Babies premise. Rearrange “what you know” and learn the next level. Use your wisdom better. Techniques based on soft tissue anatomy like no other birth workshop. You will be able to identify and help pregnant and birthing women with a new approach to comfort, pain relief, fetal positioning, and labor progress.


What you gain from Gena – Saturday, July 23rd

GenaKirby_class-eyetoeye            GenaKirby_eyetoeye


*Specific instruction on how to use the Rebozo with your clients

*Practice opportunities with class peers on using the Rebozo

*Demonstration of Rebozo in live action

*A Rebozo Certified™ logo for your website and other promotional material

*Invitation to join Gena’s Rebozo facebook group

*Six Hours of continuing education credit from ICEA

There has been a Rebozo buzz this year. It started as a small murmur and it has grown into a roar born from the flaming passion of doulas and midwives across the world. What has materialized is a growing knowledge of techniques to use with expectant parents. Furthermore, the Rebozo has brought with it a tangible metaphor of how a birth team collaborates. Rebozo techniques give the dad a way to use his hands in a powerful way for his partner. He works smarter with the Rebozo, which becomes his invitation to be involved in the birth of his child.

Dad and Rebozo Fun

Doulas love the rebozo because it is the tool in their birth bag that creates an event. It brings intimacy, fun, strength, and inspiration. The Rebozo has also brought a clinical level of support for moving babies and relieving pressure during key birthing moments.

Intimacy with the Rebozo

The Rebozo is alive right now because it is developing in the minds of birth professionals and being used in creative ways everyday. There is no finite collection of techniques written in a book somewhere. Furthermore, not one person carries all the information about it. It is a living tradition that is passed on from one woman to the next, who then, in turn, shares it with the people in her world. Dads included.

Gena’s Rebozo class is where the tradition has come alive for over 900 doulas and midwives across North America, South Africa,and soon to be Europe, and Australia. Gena’s success is simple: she reminds people why they are passionate about birth, and she shows them how the Rebozo can carry that inspiration to mommas, daddies, and babies everywhere.

You know that feeling of excitement the follows a new discovery? You might have said, “Aha!” Things fall into place. Your shoulders relax. Your eyes become bright. Do you think you could make yourself feel that feeling right now? Here’s some help: watch this video of one of Gena’s classes, and get the FEELING.


After completing the class, use the Rebozo Certified logo to show your clients the value the Rebozo can bring to their birth.
Rebozo badge







Wear comfortable clothing. We will be moving a lot.

Bring a yoga mat or a blanket to aid in your comfort. We will be all on the floor together. IF you already have a rebozo BRING it so you can see how to use the one you have.

Bring something to take notes on and feel free to take pictures. I would prefer you not share any video from the class but sharing pictures are fine. Please feel free to friend me on FB https://www.facebook.com/msgenakirby
and tag me in those photos

No refunds will be given for any reason. If there is a low number of tickets sold, we will reschedule for a later date. If you have to miss the event for any reason, you will be given access to the online version of the workshop which includes the “One on One” session with Gena.


To Register for this training:


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Both days – $355.00  [wp_cart:Member Registration Spinning Babies & Rebozo 355.00:price:355.00:end]

One day July 22 Spinning Babies – $180.00  [wp_cart:Member Registration 7/22 Spinning Babies 180.00:price:180.00:end]

One day July 23 Rebozo – $180.00  [wp_cart:Member Registration 7/23 Rebozo 180.00:price:180.00:end]

Catering Fee – Snacks and water are provided both days. An additional fee of $10 per day is required for lunch that will be catered on both days.  We will be eating lunch together on site. If you have special dietary needs please email our training coordinator, at training@dacoinc.org so that arrangements can be made.

$10 per day Friday, July 22 – Spinning Babies — [wp_cart:CateringJuly22 :price:10.00:end]

$10 per day Saturday, July 23 – Rebozo — [wp_cart:CateringJuly23 :price:10.00:end]

$20 both days July 22 – 23 — [wp_cart:CateringJuly22&23 :price:20.00:end]


Early Registration – 

Both days – $375.00 (Through April 16, 2016) — [wp_cart:Early Registration Spinning Babies & Rebozo 375.00 ( Through April 16, 2016):price:375.00:end]

One day July 22 Spinning Babies – $200.00 (Through April 16, 2016) — [wp_cart:Early Registration 7/22 Spinning Babies 200.00 ( Through April 16, 2016):price:200.00:end]

One day July 23 Rebozo – $200.00 (Through April 16, 2016) — [wp_cart:Early Registration 7/23 Rebozo 200.00 ( Through April 16, 2016):price:200.00:end]

Regular Registration – 

Both days – $400.00 (After April 16, 2016) — [wp_cart:Regular Registration Spinning Babies & Rebozo 400.00 ( After April 16, 2016):price:400.00:end]

One day July 22 Spinning Babies – $225.00 (After April 16, 2016) — [wp_cart:Regular Registration 7/22 Spinning Babies 225.00 ( After April 16, 2016):price:225.00:end]

One day July 23 Rebozo – $225.00 (After April 16, 2016) — [wp_cart:Regular Registration 7/23 Rebozo 225.00 ( After April 16, 2016):price:225.00:end]

Catering Fee – Snacks and water are provided both days. An additional fee of $10 per day is required for lunch that will be catered on both days.  We will be eating lunch together on site. If you have special dietary needs please email our training coordinator, at training@dacoinc.org so that arrangements can be made.

$10 per day Friday, July 22 — [wp_cart:CateringJuly22 :price:10.00:end]

$10 per day Saturday, July 23 — [wp_cart:CateringJuly23 :price:10.00:end]

$20 both days July 22 – 23 — [wp_cart:CateringJuly22&23 :price:20.00:end]


Mail training registration fee/catering fee to:

(Checks can be made out to “The Doula Association of Central Oklahoma”. Please be sure to include in the memo what your check is covering)

DACO Treasurer: Cheri Pratt

6300 Bingham Court

Oklahoma City, OK 73132

If you have questions, or would like more information about this or other trainings, please email us at trainings@dacoinc.org

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