The Benefits

Benefits for birth outcomes:

  • Labors are shorter by an average of 98 min.
  • There are fewer complications
  • Cesarean rates are reduced by 51%
  • The need for oxytocin to speed up labor reduced by 71%
  • Use of forceps is reduced by 57%
  • Women requests for pain medication and epidurals reduced by 35%

Benefits for mother:

  • Greater satisfaction with their childbirth’s
  • More positive assessments of their babies
  • Less postpartum depression

Benefits for baby:

  • Babies have shorter hospital stays and fewer admissions to special care nurseries
  • Babies breastfeed more easily
  • Mothers are more affectionate to their babies postpartum

Benefits for Dads:

  • end to be more involved
  • Feel free to be involved in birth at the level they feel comfortable
  • Become more familiar with the language and processes of birth
  • A doula helps facilitate communication between the father and birthing mother
  • A doula suggests various ways for the father to help the birthing mother.
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Benefits for the health care system:

  • The cost of obstetrical care is dramatically reduced
  • Women are pleased with the personalized care doulas offer


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